Self Discipline And Benefits

99 percent of people are not willing to do what it takes to make their dream come true. The Marines…

Be Different To Make Difference

Every human in this world is talented and have potential to do anything according to their desire. No one is…

Behavioral Scientific Discipline

Behaviorism The word {behaviourism|behaviorism|behavioristic scientific discipline|behaviouristic psychology|experimental psychology|psychonomics} is additionally referred to as activity psychology that primarily may be a…

Our Team


He is an engineering student as well as a social activist. His motive is to build a platform that takes initiative to solve social issues and motivate people.


He is an under graduating student. According to him we all have two lives. The second one starts after when we realize that we only have one life.


He is an IT student as well as social activist. His motive is to promote nature and explore its beauty. According to him , nature is a miracle that we love.

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