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Diwali, the festival of lights, is a celebration that marks the victory of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance. Diwali is celebrated in all the cultures of India and Nepal establishing a homogeneous atmosphere of goodwill and joy. It’s a season for appreciation and cheerfulness. Avoid crackers this Diwali, spend the night with music, dance, games, and dinner to make it eco-friendly.

Organize and celebrate in the Community / Community

Celebrations of the family bring more joy than individual celebrations. There should be gated communities in the town to enjoy the festival without causing environmental damage. Organizing this celebration doesn’t cost the community much.

Try limiting the celebrations

Set the Celebration Time between 10 PM and midnight. Take care of babies newborns, children and the elderly. They are highly at risk of excessive noise and air pollution health hazards. Diwali is the time to seek elderly blessings and to show babies their affection.

Decorate Eco-Friendly

Instead of artificial flowers using natural colors, actual flowers, and leaves for Rangoli. Decorate your home instead of plastic tape with some bright colored dupattas and sarees.  Using fresh flowers and organic sticks of incense. Take the fresheners from a synthetic house.

Cut off crackers with other fun possibilities

Only buy environmentally friendly crackers rather than synthetic crackers. Green crackers make of recycled paper. The sound produced by these crackers is within the Pollution Board’s defined limits.

Earthen Lamps or Diyas

Decorate home in place of electric / Chinese Diyas by “earthen lamps or Diyas.” Earth lamps require lighting oil but contamination is insignificant. This season promotes the proliferation and expansion of not healthy bacteria and insects. The Diya fire and its chemical products destroy the germs in soil. The electricity bill is also rising. Those lamps / Diyas also enhance the beauty of the house

Avoid Unnecessary things  

Discourage yourself from purchasing unnecessary things. Do not confuse your home. Do not fuck your home. The raw materials used in products are consumed. It will lead to extinction from natural resources.

Environmentally friendly Traditions

For serving the guests using biodegradable platform/banana leaves. In this festive season, you could add a traditional touch. Mud lenses can be used to incorporate racial feelings instead of glass and plastic. Shop instead of the online shop for your festive needs from your local shop. The local economy will be helped.

Go Organic

Give your loved ones organic products. You may donate organic items like soap and cream, tea, coffee, spices, ice cream, bags, ornaments, photos, handicraft items, etc. You may also donate organic products. It also shows your ecological love and care. Distribute sweets in reusable packs or bags of paper. To keep the district litter safe, stop plastics.

Gifting Plants

Gift plants better. On the market, there are several ornamental plants. Great for you and the surroundings. Ten. Using Handmade wrappers Cover handmade/journal gifts. Wrap them. The colorful cover of the donations or jute gives an ethnic appearance.

Donate Things you don’t need

Separate things that are not needed, such as toys, household items, and clothing. Better give your Diwali to an orphanage or to nearby Jhuppar Patti.

Organize Eco-Friendly Diwali Events

Organize neighborhood events involving senior people, parents, and children such as rangoli, arrangements for the rose, candy, children’s paper lantern. Organize music performances, marionettes, talent presentations, and other cultural activities. This includes all of Throw a dance party. Enjoy a fire cracker-like music system. It is going to save money and more fun.

These are a few tips you can execute to make this Diwali Eco-Friendly. and if you have any other ideas share with us in the comment section below this article.

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