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Donald trump

Trump Speak with CIA

President Donald Trump Said President Donald Trump said he had spoken with CIA Director Gina Haspel on Saturday. The agency’s finding that Saudi Crown Prince Md. Bin Salman had ordered the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. And that there will be a “very full report” on the matter. CIA had assessed with high confidence the …

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The Unforgatable memories of a classroom

Classroom Either you are in a school or college the one thing you’ll never forget about is the classroom. It is the place where you met new friends for the first time. You have spent your initial years of life (teenage) mostly in school. So you somehow love the class where you always sit with your crazy friends.

successful life

How to live a successful life

Successful life Everything that is going on your life depends on you only. You see so many things and peoples in your dream but they aren’t seeing the same as you are seeing in their dreams. So it shows that you are only the person who has the rights to change everything in your life.