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Always follow Traffic Rules

Traffic Rules

There were lots of questions arising while talking about following traffic rules like,

  1. Why it is necessary to follow traffic rules?
  2. What will happen if we don’t follow these rules?


Firstly, traffic rules were made for our safety. So that we should always follow these rules.

Secondly, as we know there were lots of people died on roads while driving or walking. And they died because of carelessness. So if you don’t follow traffic rules then this can happen with us too.

Bravery is not in breaking rules but bravery is in following.

Those people who follows the rules in their lives will be the successful people among others. 


As we know about the various types of accidents caused. But here we are talking about is road accidents. Every day we hear about road accidents in different places. why these incidents happen, why because most of the people didn’t follow rules made for their safety while they are moving on a road.

Zebra Crossing

traffic rules

When you try to cross a busy road make sure that you are using the zebra crossing. Zebra crossing because it is safe and there all the vehicles will wait for you.

Traffic Lights

As you can see three different colors of signal lights on crossroads i.e red, green and yellow. They all have different meanings and significance.

  1. The red color indicates the vehicle driver to stop for a particular period.
  2. The green color indicates to move forward.
  3. the yellow color indicates to move but carefully.

Whenever you are driving a four-wheeler or two-wheeler whatever one thing that you have to keep in mind is you have to stay alert cause no one knows about a second ahead. One small mistake can give a huge loss.

Drive Safe

Stay Safe


Bhaskar Pant
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