Sunday, January 19, 2020

6th DIstrict Award Ceremony & 2nd Council Meeting

This is a Grand event of our council and to make it huge, we have planned the following key aspects:

  1. Inauguration by Honorable Tourism Minister Sudurpashim province  Hon. Prakash Rawal.
  2. Chair of ceremony Leo Tara Prasad Guragain.
  3. Keynote speaking by Prof. Dr. Hemraj pant.
  4. Camping & Visit:  Shiva Lingaa and Dodhara Chadani suspension Bridge
  5. Cultural Performances: Cultural performances by Different artist.

Event Purpose

Leo District councils Vision primarily focuses on dimensions of Nation development via youth empowerment, tourism, local investment, notion, cultural promotion and fellowship .


  1. To empower the youth through seminar,  visit, sightseeing and involvement of youth in invigilate the development programs.
  2. Promoting Eco tourism.
  3. Fostering Agro tourism.
  4. Introduce Far western Nepal as a prime destination for the development of Nepal.
  5. Flourish, explore and advertise natural beauty, scenarios of Kanchanpur.
  6. Promote cultural heritage, tradition, customs, practices and lifestyle.
  7. Prospect of opportunities in industries, trade, commerce and tourism of specific Kanchanpur region.
  8. Promote and flourish Literature of Far western Nepal.
  9. Advertisement of Adventurous and recreational Activities.
  10. Promoting nearby potential tourist Hubs.

Highlights of the Event

  1. Social Service Service is the prime notion of LEO. Along with camp activities, we have planned to organize various social service campaigns in Kanchanpur match our theme. We believe this will help the participants to know the local life better while forming a strong bond with each other.
  2. Encouragement youth for personality and nation development With an aim to bring youth towards the reality of the prospects of the nation, participants will be encouraged to invest their future in tourism entrepreneurship in this mega event. Apart from that, various training and sessions will be organized for personality and leadership development.
  3. Seminars and workshops we will organize leadership workshops involving various leadership experts to orient participants with their knowledge. The seminars, trainings, workshops and speeches are intended to cultivate the “Venture Idea” into the participants.
  4. Tourism ventures the amazing movement to explore natural beauty of Nepal is actually a blessing. Far western Nepal, a package of beauty, culture and tradition with its astonishing topographical variation is a must visit place in Nepal.  Kanchanpur provides a feelings of unity in diversity.

Attendee Profile

National as well as International Youths aged 18 – 30 years: 147

National  Lions: 18

Other Invited Guests: 10

Venue Details:

Bhimdatta Muncipality

It is a town located at a Centre of Kanchanpur district, Mahakali Zone, Sudurpashim Province established on 2034 BS by king Mahendra. It was previously called as Mahendranagar municipality.  Nowadays it is named from the name of great martyr Bhimdatta Pant. The total area of Mahendranagar is 196 km2. It is eighth largest city of Nepal on the basis of population. It is also a biggest market for the Sudurpashim because of its open border with India. Many zonal government offices are also located here and it is a gateway to Suklaphanta National park. It reveals Nepal’s spectacular diversity at its finest. The planned marked well managed living spaces.


Dodhara Suspension Bridge

The Dodhara Chandani Bridge commonly known as Mahakali Bridge is a suspension bridge for foot-travelers and at this point only about 1496.5 m long over Mahakali River in far-west of Nepal. The bridge is designed as a foot-travelers bridge, but will also ride bicycle & light motorcycles, which is also fully staffed can pass each other as everywhere in Nepal. It is a largest suspension bridge in Nepal & second largest suspension bridge in Asia. It is a one of the main tourist place of Mahendranagar.

Lingeshwor Dham

A Linga is a very complex symbol of Hinduism. It is associated with Shiva, supreme god in main gods of Hindus. The Hindu scriptures say that Linga represents energy and strength. Lingeshwor Dham is located at the Bedkot municipality. The place is approximately 7 km from highway. It has been grown as a major tourist place of Kanchanpur district. There are amazing shapes on the mountains made by the nature. It is known as Shiva Linga commonly. It has a history that the royal army came to this place and they spotted the place for target practice. When they were practicing the target on the mountain the shapes appeared then it is known as the Linga. People believes it as a holy place having the existence of lord Shiva the most powerful god of Hindus.


Day 1 (4th jan.)

Inauguration Ceremony & Award Ceremony 2017/18 at Bhanu Party Palace.

On January 4 the registration of program starts sharp 1:00 pm. Then the Leos from the different clubs district registered their names for the program and at sharp 2:00 pm the rally started and rally contain participation of more than 300 Leos and non-Leos with different guests. The inauguration of the award ceremony was done by our chief guest honorable tourism minister Lion Prakash Rawal, honorable guest municipality head of Bhimdutta municipality Mr. Surendra Bist & honorable guest municipality head of Bedkot municipality Mr. Ashok Kumar Chand. Then after our immediate past President Leo. Shardul Mayur Kashudhan distributed the awards to club of the year, president of the year & secretary of the year for the year 2017/18. Approximately around 7:00 pm our keynote speaker keeps his honorable words in front of Leos which obviously plays great role to motivate Leos. After 7:30 the dinner was served to the Leos. We move accordingly for our hotels for a wonderful sleep after dinner.


Day 2 (5th Jan.)

District Board meeting, District Council Meeting, Delegates visit Shiv Linga and Dodhara Suspension Bridge.

All the Leos woke up sharp 7 Am and then gathered at Bhanu party palace (venue of our meeting) for breakfast. After breakfast, our district board members gathered at Hotel Opera for District board meeting where some decisions were done by the board members. Around 9:00 am every councilor gathered for the council meeting. Then council meeting long lasts for 4 hours of long discussion about many agendas. Very strong points were kept by councilors at the meeting and immediately after the council meeting, the lunch was served. After enjoying the lunch all the delegates move towards our first visiting spot Lingeshwor Dham after the journey of 30 min delegates arrived at the Lingeshwor Dham and explore the beauty of the wonderful place Linga. Captured many photos for our future memories and knowledge about the history of the place Lingeshwor Dham.

Because of lack of time we do not spend much time at the linga and moved toward our another visiting spot Dodhara Chandani suspension and we reach there by 5:00 PM and got the chance to explore the beauty of the setting sun by the bridge which is the second longest suspension bridge in Asia having length of 1496.5 Meter. We captured the memories of the place in our memory as well as in camera. Then we move back to venue and departure accordingly.


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