There are thousands of tips and psychological techniques to help you feel happy and learn to rejoice each day. But what if our own body had a say in the matter? Here are some findings from neuroscientists. The people who know exactly when and why your brain can give you the feeling of total satisfaction!…… Continue reading 8 SCIENTIFIC TRICKS TO BECOME PERFECTLY HAPPY

Why the IP waiver is important on COVID-19?

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New variants of COVID-19 are popping up in different countries. And with this more of the people are losing their lives day by day. In order to increase manufacturing capability and achieve vaccine equity waiving intellectual property (IP) protections on COVID-19 vaccines will be very important said WHO Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. He further…… Continue reading Why the IP waiver is important on COVID-19?

Does WhatsApp share your contacts with Facebook?

WhatsApp is a messaging application that is widely used all across the world. And it is considered the most secured messaging application because of its end to end conversation encryption. The end-to-end encryption means the messages or calls that you made with your contacts will not be read or listen to by any other person,…… Continue reading Does WhatsApp share your contacts with Facebook?

Diwali with Social Distancing

Realistic, Illuminated Oil Lamps on shiny bokeh background for Indian Festival of Diwali celebration.

Diwali with Social Distancing: Diwali 2020 is right at the doors of our house, and the question that arises is “Are we ready to bring in the festival of lights?”. Diwali is a great festival of Hindu people which is celebrated to get the victory of light over darkness. It is a festival when all…… Continue reading Diwali with Social Distancing

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Is Hand Sanitizer Toxic?

Is Hand Sanitizer Toxic? As we all know very well that at this juncture of modern life we are everywhere surrounded by viruses, germs, etc. Hence, sanitization plays an important role in our livelihood. But as there is a saying “everything has its merits and demerits “, hand sanitizers also have some disadvantages causing health…… Continue reading Is Hand Sanitizer Toxic?

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